Essilor Vision Foundation is now part of the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation. Our Mission is the same, but we're getting bigger and stronger.

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We are bringing sight to millions of Canadians with uncorrected poor vision so they can lead their best life

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Your support helps our programs offer vision care services to individuals in your own community

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How do we measure our impact?

16661 Vision Screenings
312058 Exams Performed
16118 Glasses Donated

We are bringing sight to millions of Canadians with uncorrected poor vision

In Schools
86% of children under 6 have never had an eye exam, and 80% of learning occurs through vision. Our school screening and exam programs bring better vision to students in the neediest schools.
In Communities
Our programs break down barriers to access to vision care in underserved and remote communities, bringing improved lives through improved sight to those needing the most help.
In All Provinces
We work with partners across Canada to raise awareness of the importance of vision care, promote research into poor vision and its consequences, and champion the cause of vision as a priority at all levels.

About Essilor Vision Foundation Canada

The Essilor Vision Foundation Canada was inaugurated in 2015 to be the charitable arm of Essilor Canada.

Our work across Canada is represented by Essilor employees and partners from within and outside of the optical industry. We believe in Improving Lives by Improving Sight, a mission that drives all of our activities. That’s why we work to raise awareness on the global health issue poor vision represents, create access to healthy vision for underserved communities worldwide, and work with passionate partners to break down barriers and open up access to good vision.

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Out of Focus.

Did you know that myopia, better known as nearsightedness, is one of the most prevalent vision issues, especially in children? Watch to see how spotting the symptoms of myopia and being more proactive can help put life back into focus.

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Your support helps programs like these

Eyes to As – Ottawa

The Eyes to As program was developed in 2019 to break through access barriers and bring a complete cycle of vision care to nearly 10,000 school children in Ottawa’s largest public board.

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BCDO EyeLearn

We have partnered with the BC Doctors of Optometry on an ambitious program to gretly increase the rate of eye examinations to children in British Columbia.

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Special Olympics – Lions Club Intl Opening Eyes

Our work with the Opening Eyes program offers individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities improve their quality of life through better vision.

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Toronto Gift of Sight and Sound

This ambitious program offers vision care services in 12 languages within the one place Toronto’s neediest children trust the most outside their homes: their school.

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Partners boosting our impact

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